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A trust is when one party (known as the trustor) gives a second party (the trustee) the job of holding property or assets for a third party (the beneficiary).

It's a great way to make sure money is set aside for another individual — like a child or gr和child — or to give back to your community or another cause that's important to you. +, establishing a trust account or policy may help prevent funds from being tied up in court after your death.

Important Trust Account Information

  • You must already have a trust established to open a trust account or policy.
  • A trust account or policy can be registered in the name of a trust (living, 家庭, 慈善, 或其他).
  • Trust accounts or policies are often set up to help meet financial needs for 家庭 members or for 慈善 reasons.
  • If you set aside funds for a child or gr和child in a trust account or policy, that child will be able to access the funds based on the conditions in the trust document (for example, when he or she reaches a certain age).


  • An 不可撤销的信任 generally can't be modified or terminated without the permission of the beneficiary 和/or judicial authorities. It may be useful for federal estate tax planning.
  • A revocable living trust generally lets you transfer ownership of your property into a trust throughout the course of your lifetime. It gives you more control over your estate, both before 和 after death.
  • A 遗嘱信托 is generally created by the terms of your will 和 goes into effect upon your death. It can't be amended or revoked.
  • A 特殊需要信任 is created to provide supplemental income for the welfare of an individual with a disability. The trust can supply funds for travel, 教育, out-of-pocket medical expenses, 和 personal care expenses not covered by government programs.


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